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Hong Kong Disneyland's first explore the theme hotel will open in Hong Kong

Date: 2017-04-20

Hong Kong Disneyland resort hotel 3 - explorers Disney resort will begin operations this month, 30.The hotel was the first in Hong Kong on the subject of exploration and leisure vacation hotel, 18, open to the media take the lead.As the bus into Hong Kong Disneyland, a building from dark wood, greeted building is full of amorous feelings of tropical rainforests.Style clothes is not yet out of the car and saw in expedition staff and waiter greeted enthusiastically to the reporter, here is the explorer to Disney resort.

Along with the internal staff into hotel, can feel the "explore" amorous feelings of hotel.Hotel room design, team up with music, every detail through the story of "discovery".The tea table in the hotel lobby is the shape of a suitcase, design is based on the huts with arched roof, also place the telescope on the overhead light.The hotel building 7 floors, with 750 guest rooms, the room price is $2200 to hk $2500 per night.Guest rooms have a landscape or seascape landscape respectively.Four grounds to Disney and Disney's revolutionary animation named after the character in the movie, shows Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa's unique scenery.Hotel also showed more than thousands of pieces from all over the world to trawl handicraft and collection, such as the Bali masks, the carpet of Africa, Indonesia, stone fountain, etc.

Exhibits throughout the hotel room inside and outside, into the hotel, tourists as if on a cultural tour.Hong Kong Disneyland resort, vice President of sales and hotel operations wan-min wang said, the hope can meet local tourists from the mainland tourists, Hong Kong and overseas tourists three aspects of the customers.Local visitors in Hong Kong, the hotel is full of exotic amorous feelings, let Hong Kong tourists stay here to have the feeling of overseas holidays;For mainland tourists, the hotel will work with the travel company launched transportation discount packages, hoping to attract more passengers overnight in guangdong province and neighboring provinces;Hope that through the overseas markets, Disney diffuse theme amusement facilities, to attract young travelers from Thailand, the Philippines and other southeast Asian countries.