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Beijing APEC third senior officials meeting table delicacies

Date: 2014-10-22

The meeting held in Beijing, representatives have the opportunity to taste Beijing snacks?
Beijing hotel sales and marketing staff yong-xin qi said to the reporter, because the participants from all over the world, Beijing hotel offers all kinds of rich food, have a buffet, there is also a table, is halal food and vegetarian."POTS and pans in the restaurant this time are all changed, food sources are guaranteed."She said, the choice of meeting food is given priority to with international flavors, not every day.
It is understood that all the restaurant of the hotel will be open in Beijing, the delegates can choose to eating a lot, including the Beijing hotel, a famous dishes there such as tan "government food".Yong-xin qi said, the representatives of the table will arrange dishes with Chinese characteristics, and glutinous rice ball, snowballing usury, peas, yellow and other characteristics snacks in Beijing.On the table design, will also highlight the Chinese elements, such as put the old Beijing clay figurine at the dinner table.