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APEC "Beijing's mark"

Date: 2014-11-12

11 in Beijing the APEC (APEC) leaders' informal meeting 22 times many "breakthrough" achievements, APEC to 25, with a deep mark in Beijing.China took advantage of his home to let "China" and "Chinese wisdom" as APEC, promote the "engine" of innovation, also accelerated in achieving our national comprehensive revival road speed.
This is the largest scale and highest level in the history of the APEC meeting, one of the weeks of the meeting, more than 4000 journalists have been too many things to see fresh news every day bombing: Asia Pacific since Beijing road map, which is formed by zone map interconnectivity blueprint, release declaration against corruption and build a global value chain, China into a "new normal" economy, establish fund of the five pillars of economic growth and founded the silk road, chasing the dream, china-japan relations to the "ice-breaking", "negotiated" china-south Korea free trade zone, China and the United States and China and Russia successfully met...This series of charting achievement makes the APEC meeting, some years vision into real action."Beijing's mark" will go down in history, and have a profound impact.
The meeting is prepared.It published the "build for the future of the asia-pacific partnership - 25 anniversary of the founding of the APEC statement is the first in the history of the APEC monumental declaration.Mark statement continuity, to create "upgrade" of the asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC) provide strong strategic guidance, which ultimately is related to the reshaping of the asia-pacific structure.