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Beijing Yuyang International Ski new changes 2012-2013 snow season

Date: 2012-12-14

2012-2013 snow season, Yuyang International Ski In summing up on a snow season, based on operating experience, listen to the suggestions and comments of snow faithful, invested more than 5000 million pairs of new ski and resort facilities were upgraded, improvement and optimization, and strive for the majority of the snow season snow faithful to provide more perfect skiing experience!

Change one: New ski holiday accommodation area, area 18 European-style wooden villas built on mountains, garden scenery, mountains, beautiful environment, for those who like skiing holiday friends to provide a comfortable place to live, and Order of the nearly 100for groups of gatherings.

Change 2: Should the majority of the recommendations of the faithful snow, ski area near the toilet is not set inconvenient, this ski venues in the eastern and western sides of the new two-star toilets 700 square meters, snow ski directly from the faithful can glideto the bathroom door, bathroom, advanced facilities, all imports of energy-saving intelligent inductive sanitary ware, bathroom equipped with heating facilities, spacious and clean, which greatly facilitates the snow faithful, to solve the hall to the bathroom to go ski journey inconvenient problem.

Change three: "Sunshine Inn" food court expansion from the original 1,500 square meters to 2,500 square meters, square face ski panoramic terrace, not only for the majority of the faithful snow skiing to provide a place to rest when tired, the more we provide all kinds of hot and cold drinks, local cuisine snacks, Chinese and Western meals, fast food, barbecue and other diverse catering services, so that everyone in the square apart from rest, but also scenery and delicious Integrated Programme, is fun.

Change IV: ski hall floor club lounge reworked extended area, water bar area, coffee shop, viewing rest area, cafe adds burgers, sandwiches and other simple meals, and in the sunshine on the promenade additionala lounge chair, to solve the faithful snow skiing Yu Guanjing rest needs.

Change Five: west on the slopes of more than 100 square meters of new visitor center, designed for the majority of visitors Pinggu surrounding ski tour, skiing consulting, complaint handling and other comprehensive one-stop service.

Changes six: Invite Chinese leader to participate in the new snowboard park veneer construction, the most professional standards and the most perfect experience effects combine to create a majority of board enthusiasts difficult, challenging, and funVeneer park.

Changes seven: Family drama snow snow park, with Beijing Kaku Rainbow Light training center to work together to build children's talent snow season!Carry out snowmen art, joy Express, family rushed forward puzzle game fun activities such as snow.More than 2,000 square meters large snow sculpture portrait rendered fantasy castle, set the castle slides, snow maze treasure, swings and a seesaw, so that the children's winter white fairy tale world is no longer alone, so that the future of skiing strongThere is a wonderful ice childhood.

Changes eight: Ski Club VIP hall floor area added 200 units NORDICA ski, updating the 500 sets of brand snow suits.

Changes nine: ski slopes throughout the year to achieve sustainable management of the ski to build China Yue Gu outdoor lawn Music Park, the laying of 300,000 square meters of ski bluegrass lawns, since 2011 has successfully held the second Chinese Music Valley Internationalpop music season activities, the festival of all festivals in China at present the most outstanding one, a strong international line artist lineup, excellent ecological environment, complete service facilities, viewers can jump in the venue of passion, but alsogrounds sit revel in music, soft and comfortable environment for the audience in venues while listening to music, being in a sea of green, feel the unique charm of outdoor music.August 19 this year, "sing the Chinese" concert music in the ski park grand curtain, Li Gu Yi, and other famous singers and ten thousand spectators sang together the lyrics to "sing the Chinese" excellent songs, the song became a ski resortthe joy of flying sea!

New snow season, Yuyang International Ski faithful to snow more perfect, comfortable skiing experience responsibility, and we will launch a series of special events and feedback to real snow for the purpose of Friends of preferential measures to Yuyangbecome the majority of the Friends of the winter snow park.This winter, to Yuyang ski bar!