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2012 Beijing Tourism Commodity Fair grand opening soon

Date: 2012-11-01

China Economic Net Beijing on November 1 news (reporter Xu Keqiang) in order to further implement the central government and the Beijing municipal government's strategic plan for tourism development, economic and social development needs to adapt to the capital, organized by the Beijing Tourism Development Committee, the Beijing Municipal Tourism Industry Association, all districts and counties of Beijing Tourism Committee (Bureau) organized the "2012 Beijing Tourism Commodities Fair" will be held December 28 to 31 at the China International Exhibition Center (Old Library) held a grand.Beijing Beijing Tourism Commodities Fair is committed to the country and the Asia-Pacific region to build a tourism product development and design, property transactions and marketing center, to promote the Beijing tourism consumption continues to increase.

Beijing in recent years, the rapid development of the tourism industry.In the municipal government attaches great importance to the Beijing tourism products and tourist shopping market has achieved rapid development, in 2011 tourism revenue of 103.17 billion yuan shopping this year, 1-3 quarter revenue 77.5 billion yuan of tourism shopping, accounting for tourism consumption29.4% of the total."2012 Beijing Tourism Commodities Fair" to "brings together tourism product promotion Beijing gift boutique development" as the theme, located in the tourism commodities and consumer goods sectors combined, the combination of exhibitions and fairs, for professional buyers and direct-to-consumer phasecombined, started "Beijing gift" brand, by grasping Beijing holiday consumer market and guide to promote tourism consumption growth, create a professional brand exhibition tourism consumption.

Travel goods as an important tourism resources and boost tourism consumption an important carrier, is playing an increasingly important role.In the tourism industry, "food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment," the six elements, "purchase" can directly reflect the level of development of the tourism industry to promote transformation and upgrading of tourism development."2012 Beijing Tourism Commodities Fair" exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, exhibits paintings related to tourism products, tourism arts and crafts, urban industrial, tourist attractions souvenirs, outdoor leisure and equipment, cultural and creative products, electronic products and other fields, and also covers the various provinces and municipalities most local characteristics of tourism commodities companies and businesses participate in the fair, there will be 100,000 spectators are expected to visit the scene.

"2012 Beijing Tourism Commodities Fair" by the Beijing Municipal Government Tourist leading industry authorities organized directly involved in industry organizations, provinces and districts side by side action, strong media depth reports, professional company specific contractors to build the country has a high reputation, first-class leveltourism consumer trade fairs."2012 Beijing Tourism Commodities Fair" efforts to build Beijing and national tourism commodities market trading platform, the national tourism commodity exchange platform for enterprises docking, Beijing marketing platform gifts and business gifts and official release promotion platform."2012 Beijing Tourism Commodities Fair" the organizing committee developed a plan to invite professional buyers detailed in the pre-show for exhibitors and professional buyers matching arrangements, booking one of the negotiations, to help exhibitors to meet potential partners and achievebusiness goals.The fair will further publicity through mainstream media, and through the exhibition in Beijing during the second and third ring road main road layout flag, sending mass e-mail messages and other means of publicity, promotion.

To enhance the show's interactive and participatory nature, the exhibition will be carried out barter Taobao, zero reserve price bid goods, tourism commodities spike, old craft scene science, diplomatic gifts to decrypt and appreciation, "Beijing gift" tourism product competition awards ceremony, agenciesgroup purchasing special, design creativity auction docking masters collection-level intangible cultural heritage Auction Session, Beijing tourism commodity funds to support policy interpretation, set the "chapters" sweepstakes, signing conference, more than ten field for business, experience, fun for the whole packageactivity.The expo emphasizes business-oriented, focusing on services for enterprises, service for buyers, in order to ensure quality of service, the introduction of an experienced organizer of the exhibition to provide full, professional and sophisticated service.As of November 1, Shanxi, Hunan, Xinjiang, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei and Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian, Daxing, Pinggu, Fangshan, Miyun, Huairou, Shijingshan, Changping, Mentougou District, such asCounty have already booked a booth, in addition there are about 100 companies registered for the exhibition.

"2012 Beijing Tourism Commodities Fair" was held in Beijing for the first time, "tourism product" as the theme of the Expo, the industry in expanding the tourism product extension and intension, tourism and other industries to enhance the integration and transformation of Beijing and the country to promote tourism commoditieswill have an important role in promoting development.By integrating and upgrading, including R & D, production, marketing and other aspects of travel products industry chain, and help Beijing become the country's tourism product design and R & D centers, leading tourism product development, production and consumption trends, needs to adapt to the era of mass tourism, "2012 BeijingTourism Commodities Fair "is the capital of tourism and economic development to provide a new impetus.