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Pingdingshan tourism promotion will be held in Beijing

Date: 2013-07-24

July 19, Henan Pingdingshan tourism promotion will be held in Beijing, capital of tourists to show "leisure resort. Holiday paradise" Pingdingshan charm, while offering a set of "mountain, Buddhism, soups, Lake, Temple" in one of Pingdingshan"Tourism feast."

National Tourism Administration deputy director Zhou policies and regulations long before, deputy director of Beijing Tourism Development Committee An Jinming, Henan Tourism Bureau and the discipline inspection team leader Zhou Bao Jian Pingdingshan City Mayor Zhang Guowei, vice mayor, attended the seminar Zhengmao Jie from Beijing 50travel agencies, 10 car clubs and major news media, and Henan Province Tourism Bureau Information Center Director Li Wenbin, Pingdingshan City Tourism Bureau Zhang Fengling and Lushan County Tourism Bureau, tourist attractions, travel agencies attended the seminar.Pingdingshan City Secretary Guo Qiaomin chaired the seminar.

Beijing Tourism Development Committee, deputy director of An Jinming behalf Beijing tourism sector to Pingdingshan tourism promotion activities held in Beijing welcome and congratulations.He said, Henan and Beijing has rich tourism and cultural resources, the same "9 +10 Regional Tourism Cooperation" and "Middle Route 5 +13 regional tourism cooperation alliance" members of the unit, in recent years in the campaign, each sourcesend Accessible Travel and emergency disposal extensive cooperation to promote regional tourism cooperation platform consensus.The capital city of Pingdingshan City, to offer the public a new tourism products and enjoy, I hope the participating travel agencies to strengthen groups, the news media publicity so that more people entered the Beijing Pingdingshan, Pingdingshan tour.

By Kou Wujiang Henan Province Tourism Bureau and the Secretary of the commission, Zhou Bao Jian leader in his speech introduced the basic situation of Henan Tourism.He said that Beijing, Henan has a heavy history, culture and rich tourism resources, are important tourist places and tourist destination, two different resource endowments of tourism, are highly complementary; benefiting the people of the Middle Route Jingjinjiproject, will be the two hearts of the people, love the people of the two tightly connected together.As North Water Transfer Project along the tourist city, Pingdingshan tourism resource endowments forefront of the province, the natural landscape and cultural religion complement each other, especially in the world's first Buddha, Han and Tang royal spa and summer rafting dabble projects, the majority of tourists of all agesthe Beijing tourism market also has a strong appeal.He hoped that through this tourism promotion activities to strengthen cooperation with Beijing tourism industry colleagues, so that more friends to understand Henan Tourism, understand Pingdingshan travel, to allow more people to Beijing, Henan, to Pingdingshan tourism, leisure and vacation.

In his speech, Mayor Zhang Guowei introduced this ancient land of Pingdingshan City, the industrial city, tourist city, livable city's basic situation, to the capital of the public issued a warm invitation.He said, Pingdingshan both China Excellent Tourism City, National Garden City, or Chinese folk art city, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Guanyin Town and rural culture, but also the landscape of tourism resources in Henan rich region, tourism monomer reached over 4200, rankingProvince, the first two.In recent years, Pingdingshan relying on "Mountain Buddha, soups, Lake, Temple" five advantages of tourism resources, build eco-tourism, mountain summer resort, spa, fitness tourism brand, in 2011 and 2012, continued to travel in the CCTV advertising,In the Beijing market have a certain influence.Recently, Pingdingshan and study the introduction of the "Interim Measures Pingdingshan City to support the development of tourism", it will send to the group's field Pingdingshan travel agencies, publicity and promotion, to attract tourists, brand promotion and other aspects of reward.He hoped that through this promotion, will this policy is passed to the Beijing market, hopes Beijing tourism sector influence incentives to expand awareness, efforts to promote the tourism industry by leaps and bounds in Pingdingshan.

Zhengmao Jie, deputy mayor released for travel tours to Pingdingshan tourism policies.For foreign travel agencies travel team through the delivery of Pingdingshan, Pingdingshan will give up to 20 million reward.While for charter flights, train, bus fleet will also be awarded.

At the meeting, members made a multimedia theme promote tourism promotion, the leaders also jointly in order to obtain free travel Pingdingshan lucky visitors were awarded grand prize, Pingdingshan Tianrui Group Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing signed a seven-known travel agency group agreement.